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I have been both matched betting and trading on Betfair for many years and have made many £1000’s in the process. My aim with this website is to share my knowledge and help as many people as possible generate a second income online!

I initially started trading way back in 2006 when I used my knowledge of PGA Tour golf to pick over priced selections and then “green up” later on after they had put in a good performance. I have since progressed to mainly trading on UK and European football and as of 2018 am in the process of automating many of my profitable strategies with betting bots which I build myself!

I genuinely believe in sports trading and matched betting and can’t stress what a great opportunity it is for many people to create a tax free second income! All of the guides and materials on this site are provided free of charge and I am always happy to answer emails should you ever need advice. You can contact me using the contact form below.

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Contact me (@betonjames_com) via Twitter!

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