Leaving Money on the Roulette Table?

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    I have written before (here) about how developing a good understanding of casino offers and the mechanics of casino games can help deliver serious long term profits for savvy matched bettors.

    Not only will this knowledge deliver good profits but (in my experience at least) you are much less likely to be gubbed from an online casino than a sportsbook meaning the development of such skills will really pay dividends over the long run!


    The Issue with Variance

    One (admittingly small) issue when playing live casino offers is that many live Blackjack tables have a minimum hand size of £5, if you’re playing an offer such as “wager £30 for a £5 bonus” it can be quite easy to lose a couple of hands then a double to find yourself £20 or more down for the benefit of a £5 bonus.

    Of course, over the long run variance will even itself out and if you play enough you will see yourself up by £20+ every now and then as well. This variance can however be annoying meaning a loss is to be recorded until the next casino offer comes up.

    A typical house edge of about 0.5% versus 2.7% on Roulette means playing Blackjack is still the best game for casino wagering, this is despite Roulette typically been less probe to variance when doing 50p or £1 outside bets.

    The La Partage Rule

    I have read tons of matched betting content over the years and it’s amazing how the vast majority of casino related content barley ever mentions to make sure you are always on a “French Roulette” table whenever wagering on Roulette. The reason for this is because such tables will almost always implement the La Partage rule which gives players making even money bets 50% of their stake back should a game result be zero!

    This 50% stake return effectively halves the house edge to 1.35% meaning Roulette will now only be approx 0.85% behind Blackjack! Still worse yes, but factor in the variance of 50p bets versus £5 bets and the chance of having a big loss on such small offers is now minimal.

    Of course, Blackjack should still be your first choice for casino wagering wherever possible but this is a useful rule to know about when variance must be kept low or a roulette table must be used for a specific casino offer.

    In Conclusion

    I thought I would do a quick post about this since not everyone is aware of La Partage and many matched betting casino guides fail to mention it at all! So, as usual don’t take what so called matched betting “gurus” say as gospel and aim to read up as much as possible on casino offers yourself.

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