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Predicting Football Matches Using Recent Form

Predicting Football Matches using Recent Form

You don’t have to look too far on the web to find football stats, some good, many pointless and usually topping the list is that of previous form (usually a team's last 5 games). In my experience you would probably be better…

Red Cards And Football Trading Stats

Red Cards and Football Trading Stats

Once you have been trading football for any length of time you will be aware the markets react to almost anything and everything that happens on the pitch, red cards are no exception! With this weekend seeing the start of the Premier…

No Risk Matched Betting

No Risk Matched Betting

No risk matched betting – What is the nature of matched betting and can it really be risk free? As with most things in life there are some small risks associated with matched betting, these risks however are very small! As long…

Making Thousands From Online Casino Offers

Making Thousands from Online Casino Offers

Many people who go into matched betting will eventually find themselves doing casino offers sooner or later, usually later given these offers can often seem confusing and risky to newcomers at first. As with anything in life there are people out there…

Some Thoughts On Automation

Some Thoughts on Automation

Since 2006 I have been regularly trading in various formats, starting with sports trading, then on to financial markets and finally back to sports. This might not be a normal path but I have come to find there are many more opportunities…

Its Your Move Betfair!

Its Your Move Betfair!

In the last week I have seen a few changes with my exchange accounts. Both Matchbook and Smarkets have granted me 0% commission for the next 3 months (courtesy of OddsMonkey) whilst Betfair have put me back to 5% after (yet another)…

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