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When doing horse racing refund offers you will inevitably pick a winner from time to time. Best odds guaranteed (BOG) can sometimes provide a nice little surprise from time to time when this does happen.

Basically, best odds guaranteed works by the bookie taking note of the starting price of the horse you backed at the start of the race. If the price you backed the horse at is less than this price the bookie will pay you out at the higher price should you win!

So if you are backing a horse with the hope of hitting the second place refund it might initially be a disappointment to see they have won the race, however with best odds guaranteed we can still end up making a £5 – £10+ profit from the race thanks to best odds guaranteed!

Best Odds Guaranteed Example

In this example we will look at “Mojito” in the 16:50 at York. If this horse finishes 2nd we will get our money back as a free bet or we will take a small qualifying loss otherwise.

Step 1 – Find a Close Match

We use the OddsMatcher tool from OddsMonkey to find a close match for the 16:50 at York, “Mojito” looks good with a rating of 92.44%:

Step 2 – Place our Bets

We go to the bookies and back “Mojito” at a price of 4.33, we then lay them as normal using the figures given by the matched betting calculator.

Step 3 – Enjoy the Race

Sit back and enjoy the race, since this guide is about best odds guaranteed we will assume “Mojito” wins the race!

Step 4 – Check for Extra Winnings

So now the race has finished we log into the bookies account again to see we have been paid as a winner at odds of 4.5 (remember we backed at 4.3).

So we will now make a nice little profit instead of taking a qualifying loss as we would normally expect:

  • Our loss at the exchange: (9.73 * (4.5 – 1)) = £34.06
  • Our profit at the bookie (at the BOG price): (10 * (4.5 – 1)) = £35
  • Our profit from doing this offer: (£35 – £34.06) = 94p


Usually when you hit a BOG it will only be for a few pounds although every now and then there will be a big price movement in the horse and £20 / £30 is possible.

I would never suggest betting on horses just to try and hit BOG, it should be treated as a extra little bonus from another offer – this is not matched betting otherwise!

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