Extending your Matched Betting Profits

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    Matched betting is a great way to earn some extra money however, sooner or later the party is going to come to an end and the money will start to dry up! The truth is no matter how careful you are you will eventually get grubbed by most bookies and slowly but surely matched betting will become little more than pocket money!

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    But don’t panic! With some careful planning and some advanced matched betting knowledge you can easily extend the value of your accounts and make even more money than you would have otherwise. Below I am going to list some key points to help you effectively extend the life of your accounts and (hopefully) make a load of cash that would have otherwise been left behind!

    1) Check if you are Casino Gubbed

    Some (but not all) bookies will initially only gub you from their sportsbook offers, this means the casino offers are still open for you to take advantage of until you receive the notice saying otherwise.

    Now, I have put this at number one for a reason, casino offers are where the real money is in matched betting these days and if you are still able to do the casino offers on a gubbed account you should be taking full advantage of this!

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    So double check any accounts you are gubbed from and see if casino offers are still showing and / or if you can still opt-in. There is usually no fool proof way of finding out if you are definitely eligible but find some low risk offers to test the waters with before going in too deep!

    2) Hunt for new Casinos / Bookies

    Sounds obvious right, but in fact there are always new bookies and casinos popping up so keep your eye out on sites such as OddsChecker and AtTheRaces for any new offers. It is also very useful to be a member of a matched betting service such as OddsMonkey as these new accounts will eventually get listed on such sites along with a guide on how best to complete the offer!

    3) Check for Extra Places

    When it comes to horse racing most bookies will still pay out on extra places, even to gubbed accounts! This means you can potentially open up a new source of revenue form accounts which were previously useless.

    matched betting extra places horses

    Obviously you still need to be careful with matched betting on extra places, the key is to understand this is a long term strategy and relies on doing lots of races whilst working hard to keep qualifying losses to an absolute minimum.

    4) Arbing

    Probably the least valuable method here but still profitable never the less! As any matched bettor will know this is basically taking a higher price at the bookies than can be laid off at the exchange and with the current 0% wars at the smaller exchanges this can provide some relatively easy money. Unfortunately the bookies will usually catch up with you pretty fast if you do this too much and your gubbed account will be stake restricted to the point of been useless pretty quickly!

    5) Watch out for Mistakes

    This might not happen very often but there have been instances of bookies mistakenly paying out offers to gubbed accounts in the past. For example, in 2018 a certain bookmaker had updated their sportsbook software and for a number of weeks afterwards it was reviled they were still paying out on a specific football offer to accounts upon which they probably shouldn’t have been (i.e gubbed accounts)!

    Obviously this issue was eventually discovered but it goes to show that been a member of a matched betting website and getting alerts of these issues can also help you squeeze an extra profit from your gubbed accounts!

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