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Once you have exhausted all of the sign-up offers one of the most popular (and profitable) offers to get stuck into next are football refund offers!

Typically football refund offers work by the bookies refunding you your stake (usually as a free bet) if a set of conditions happen in the match. Popular examples include:

  • Double winnings as a free bet if your team wins both halves.
  • Money back as a free bet if your team wins from behind.
  • Early payout if your team goes 2 goals up at any point in the match.
  • £5 for every goal your team scores.
  • Double your winnings if your team wins and scores 3+ goals in the match.
  • Etc.

Just like horse racing refunds it is important to understand that football refund offers are not 100% risk free! However, if we keep our qualifying losses low and hit lots of offers we will make (good) money in the long run!

Below we will walk through a popular example of a football refund offer, but be aware there are many different variations of the refund offer from many different bookies – its not unusual to make an easy £40+ profit from a big football game by hitting all of the offers!

Walked Though Example

One of the most popular examples of a refund offer is the double winnings offer from Coral. Basically Coral will pay out double our winnings to us should our team win both halves of the match (say 1-0 first half and 2-0 second half). The extra winnings will be paid to us in the form of a free bet so we will then have to make another bet to turn this into cash although this is a small price to pay for a very profitable offer!

Step 1 – Locate the Offer

Coral usually offer this promotion several times per month during the football season and usually on the biggest matches of the week. This week it is available on Liverpool vs Arsenal and we can see on the Coral offers page they have the double winnings offer on!

Step 2 – Pick a Team

In order to trigger the offer we must pick either Arsenal or Liverpool for the win and should they win in both halves we will trigger the refund (NB – we must pick Arsenal or Liverpool and NOT the draw!).

Step 3 – Place our Bets

In this example we are backing Liverpool simply because they have the highest rating according to the OddsMatcher and therefore will have the lowest qualifying loss. If you have good football knowledge picking the other team in spite of a slightly higher qualifying loss could also be a good strategy here:

Since the offer is up to £50 refund we will do the full amount and place a £50 bet on Liverpool to win:

NB – This will actually win us slightly over £50 at Coral but it is better to place our bets as round numbers rather than unusual numbers like £48.71 which could lead to us been gubbed quicker!

Step 4 – Lay Off at the Exchange

Once our bet is placed at Coral we must lay the bet off at the betting exchange, we can click on the “i” icon in the OddsMatcher to open up the calculator:

In the calculator we can see we should lay Liverpool for £48.39 at odds of 2.22:

Step 5 – Watch the Match

If our chosen team win both halves (for example 1st half: 1-0 and 2nd half: 2-0) then we will receive a £50 free bet from Coral. We can use this free bet as normal on any Coral market! Remember the usual rules for free bets still apply and double check when they expire (4 days in this example).


There are loads of different football refund offers available so this a great thing to get stuck into and can really boost your monthly profits!

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