Highest Scoring Teams in the English Premier League

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    In this post I am going to look at the highest scoring teams in the English Premier League across multiple previous seasons (between 2010 / 2011 and 2020 / 2021). In addition to this I will also be investigating some other stats such as the Premier League teams conceding the most goals and the average time a goal is scored, per team, throughout each season.

    Highest Scoring Teams in the English Premier League?

    To start off I’m going answer the main question in this post, who are the highest scoring teams in the Premier League? I will be doing this per season and, as per usual, I will be delving into my own SQL Server football database for the answers.

    In the tabs below I have generated these stats and split them up with a separate table of teams available per season:

    Which Teams Concede the Most Goals in the Premier League?

    Next, I will be looking at which teams have conceded the most goals in the Premier League on a Season by season basis. Again, I have split this up using the tabs below with each tab containing a table of results for an individual season.

    Average Goal Time per Team in the Premier League?

    Finally, in this section I will be looking at the average goal times per team for each Premier League season (as before, the tabs hold the data table for each individual season). This includes the average goal time per team whilst at home, whilst playing away and the average for all goals in a season combined (home and away goals).


    This was just a quick, informative post today showing the highest scoring teams in the Premier League across multiple different seasons. As well as this I hope you also fund the additional stats on teams conceding the most goals and average goal times across all teams interesting as well!

    And Finally…

    I hope you have found this article interesting, I like to piece together such data and break away from the hum-drum (and quite frankly boring) football stats you see littered across the web. Digging deeper into stats such as those mentioned above can also help in understanding teams and leagues much better in terms of their performance, in turn this knowledge can then used to help develop successful football trading strategies (such as those discussed in my football trading strategies article).

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    All of the above data is contained within my own (private) football stats database, a database in which I make every reasonable effort possible to ensure is correct and accurate. This database is built with and regularly updated form a reliable 3rd party data source with my own verification checks along the way to help ensure maximum accuracy.

    Having said this, please use this data for entertainment purposes only, do not use or re-produce in a commercial context and use fully at you own risk!

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