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When most people hear about matched betting on of the first things they ask is how much money can they make. There are two main parts to matched betting so this question can be answered in two parts also. First are the sign-up offers and then the re-load offers.

Sign-up Offers

Sign-up offers are the easy ones where the bookie gives you a free bet or bonus just for signing up as a new customer, easy right! There are about 40 or so new account offers worth doing and these should make you £500 – £700 in the process. You can also boost this amount further by signing up via cashback sites such as TopCashback and Quidco whenever possible!

How Much: £500+ one off profit

Reload Offers

Reload offers are special offers the bookie will throw your way once you are signed up as a customer (basically to keep you “gambling” with them). Since the sign-up offers can only be done once this is where we will make the majority of our profit whilst matched betting.

Reload offers can vary between different bookies but some they all have in common include horse racing refund and football refund offers. Since there are so many different types of reload offers signing up to a matched betting service such as OddsMonkey is vital! OddsMonkey have a full list of all offers available for each day along with a strategy guide on how to complete each offer and maximise profits. The forum is also very helpful for any additional advice specific to the offer.

In terms of how much you can earn it really depends on how hard you work and how many offers you hit. For most people £300 – £500 per month is easily achievable but this can raise rapidly if you hit every offer going!

How Much: £300+ per month

How Much Do I Need To Start

Technically you could start with as little as £10 although this isn’t advised as it will take you ages to get going and you will probably miss out on some good offers along the way due to insufficient funds! If you can I would suggest starting with £200 – £300 and then after a few weeks of hitting all of the sign-up offers you will have a bank-roll of about £1000. This will then put you in a good position to hit all the reload offers going forwards and maximise your profits!

I would also advise any newcomers to sort out a second bank account before you start, this will make managing your betting bank-roll much easier as it will be separate from your everyday finances (plus you won’t look like a problem gambler to you main bank!).

How Much: £200+ to start with

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