Making Thousands from Online Casino Offers

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    Many people who go into matched betting will eventually find themselves doing casino offers sooner or later, usually later given these offers can often seem confusing and risky to newcomers at first.


    As with anything in life there are people out there who will take advantage of this uncertainty and try to sell shortcuts and quick fix “guides” for doing casino offers, the real value however is in understanding the mechanics of how these offers work for yourself.

    Once you understand how these offers and the subsequent wagering and game play requirements work you will be able to apply this knowledge time and time again to the plethora of online casinos which exist today.

    Below are some of the key concepts needed to tackle casino offers and make thousands in the process!


    Wagering is basically “playing through” an amount of money a certain number of times. For example if you win £10 from some free spins which needs to be wagered 30x you would have to play another £300 before the bonus becomes cash. Of course by doing this you could lose all of the bonus money before the wagering is complete (busting out) but as long as you stop when this happens and NEVER carry on playing with your won cash then this isn’t a problem. If you don’t bust out any bonus left over after wagering will become cash.

    No Deposit Offers

    Various casinos hand out bonus money and free spins without any deposit necessary, these offers of of course risk free as you have none of your own cash involved. There is usually a high wagering requirement attached but since they are risk free and carry the potential for a big win they are worth completing.

    Deposit Match Offers

    These are offers which involve the casino matching your deposit with an equal (or sometimes greater) bonus amount. This bonus cash will generally always require wagering and these offers will typically fall into two risk categories:

    High Risk:

    The high risk deposit match offers lock your deposit (real cash) and your bonus cash together, this means that before you can withdraw anything you will need to wager both parts by the wagering amount. Of course if you bust out of wagering in this case you will lose both your bonus and your cash deposit. Theses offers can still be lucrative but are higher risk because of the risk of losing your own cash.

    Low Risk:

    With low risk deposit match offers your bonus cash and deposit cash are separate, this means if you bust out of your bonus during wagering you simply stop playing and NEVER dip into your own cash. As long as you NEVER dip into your own cash these offers are risk free and can be very lucrative in the long term (you will eventually get some big wins).

    Free Spins

    Almost all online casinos make use of free spins and hand them out at various times including at sign-up and as an incentive for depositing more money into your account. Some casinos offer free spins with no wagering but the majority of the time you will have to wager your free spins winnings. The idea scenario with free spins is to hit a small win (i.e. with a small wagering requirement) and then hit a big win whilst wagering. This makes clearing wagering much more likely.

    Game RTP and Weighting

    All casino games have a theoretical average payback to the player referred to as the RTP (return to player). This figure is of course always in favour of the casino however, since we will mainly be using bonus cash whilst playing our aim is to retain as much of this bonus as is possible – a higher RTP game will help in doing this!

    The higher the RTP of the game the better it is for us (the player) and the more it should pay back to us on average over the long term.

    Weighting is also an important part of casino wagering since not all games contribute to bonus wagering equally. For example Blackjack which typically has the lowest house edge of about 0.5% will usually contribute between 0% and 10% of the wagering, this means it is usually better to wager our bonus winnings on a slot machine!


    When playing any casino game you will inevitably have winning streaks and losing streaks, all games should however average out what percentage they pay back which is referred to as the RTP (return to player).

    When wagering your winnings always pick the game with the highest RTP for the best chance of not busting out and bringing home a win.


    Once you have read up on and understood these key concepts you will be able to tackle any casino offer by yourself. It will also become obvious you don’t need to rely on others to produce guides and systems which basically just spoon feed these relatively simple concepts for just a handful of the casino offers available.

    Build your own knowledge and get ahead!

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