No Risk Matched Betting

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    No risk matched betting – What is the nature of matched betting and can it really be risk free?

    As with most things in life there are some small risks associated with matched betting, these risks however are very small! As long as you continue matched betting and hitting the offers it is virtually impossible NOT to make stacks of money!

    Qualifying Losses

    Matched betting often involves taking “qualifying losses”, this means we guarantee a small loss whilst placing and laying off our qualifying bet. By taking this small loss we also guarantee we won’t win or lose anything apart from the qualifying loss itself (usually only a few pence).

    Should we trigger the bookmakers offer we get a reward (usually a free bet) meaning we will make a good profit from the offer after the free bet is wagered, if not we simply take the small loss and move on.

    Since the rewards for hitting these offer are relatively high and the losses relatively small as long as we keep going our winnings will greatly exceed our losses over the long run.

    Making Mistakes

    Probably one of the biggest risks whilst matched betting, it is inevitable you will make some mistakes from time to time and these could include:

    • Backing a selection below the minimum odds required
    • Laying off the wrong horse
    • Mistakenly laying off a £10 free bet when only issued with a £5 free bet
    • Forgetting to lay a selection off completely
    • And so on…..

    Of course sometimes these mistakes can work in your favour and earn you money but if you do lose out because of a mistake simply take some time to work out where you went wrong and how to avoid repeating the mistake again.

    Since matched betting is massively profitable in the long run your profits will easily absorb any small mistakes made along the way.

    Getting Gubbed

    This is not a risk as such but getting gubbed will exclude you from continuing to take advantage of further offers from the specific bookmaker who has gubbed you.

    The only real risk here is in the bookmaker not honouring a free bet or bonus after gubbing you, this means you will simply have to take your qualifying losses and move on without the winnings.

    Whilst you will eventually get gubbed from most bookies many still honour any free bets and bonuses outstanding when the time comes making the risks here very small.


    There are small risks associated with matched betting, the biggest being making a mistake when placing a bet. You will however start learning from your mistakes and this will become less and less of an issue once you get into matched betting.

    So in other words yes, you will register some small loses in the short term but the rewards are so good in comparison you will almost certainly go on to make good money from matched betting!

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