OddsMonkey OddsMatcher Review (Updated August 2018)

One of my favorite matched betting tools is the OddsMatcher software from OddsMonkey! This software makes finding close matches between the bookies and the betting exchanges extremely quick and easy and is worth the OddsMonkey membership fee all by itself!

There are various matched betting tools dotted around the internet, some of which are free however, if you want to make serious money you need well designed, reliable tools for ensuring you always get the best matches for the minimal effort!

If you haven’t already you can test out the OddsMatcher tool (and make an easy £40+ whilst you’re at it) using the OddsMonkey free trial – Click Here for more details!

Once logged into OddsMoney the OddsMatcher tool can be found under the “Tools” menu:


By default the software will open up showing all events from all bookmakers, this can be useful if you are looking for potential arbitrage opportunities:


When we are doing a particular matched betting offer we can set the tool to show only events from one particular bookmaker using the bookmaker filter at the top of the tool, for example 888Sport:


Once we have selected the bookie we can further filter the list of events using the filter tab. This filter is really powerful and allows us to look for certain sports (football, tennis etc.) starting within certain times and even containing certain team / player names using the text search box. We can also filter on the type of market (match odds, correct score, HT/FT etc.) and the range of odds (say odds above 5.0) which can make finding an opportunity for placing a free bet really easy! These filters combined make finding a suitable event really quick and easy.


If you look for a particular set of parameters regularly (for example a weekly bet club qualification which must be on football and have odds of 2.0+) these parameters can be saved, this makes coming back to do this bet the next week as easy as opening the saved filter!

Once we have found the event we wish to bet on we can click the “i” icon to open up the built in matched betting calculator:


The built-in calculator is a fully functioning matched betting calculator and clearly marks out what amount to back/lay and at what odds for each selection. It also has all of the main matched betting calculation modes available including “qualifying bet”, “free bet (SNR)”, “free  bet (SR)” and “risk free equal profit”:


The odds from the odds matcher are always automatically placed into the calculator when you open it up making for a smooth, user friendly experience. OddsMonkey also allow you to link up your Betfair account directly to their service – this makes placing the lay bet as simple as clicking the “lay bet” button at the bottom of the calculator once you are happy with everything:


If you don’t want to use the built in Betfair integration you can easily access the correct exchange market and bookmaker market by using the links for each in the bottom left corner of the calculator:


Some other nice features of the calculator include showing the liquidity of the betfair market for the current lay price and the results table at the bottom which will show you what will happen for each possible outcome (for example how much money will go into your bookies account should your selection win at the bookies):


Overall in my opinion this is the best piece of matched betting software available, it makes finding good matches quick and easy and is very reliable and up to date with its odds. Definitely recommended if you want to make serious money from matched betting!

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