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Welcome to Pro-Data and thank you for signing up as a member, I hope you find this membership useful, interesting and enjoy making full use of the services on offer!

From this page you can quickly navigate to the various different parts of the Pro-Data service and get up and running in no time, make note that once you are logged in as a member you will see a different members menu (in red) at the top right of each page to help with navigation.

The main sections available are:

Footbal Data (Leagues) Page

The Football Data page lists all of the currently available leagues which are covered by Pro-Data service. These leagues each have their own sub-page containing the various download links for obtaining data files on on each season across multiple historic years. The league pages themselves can be found using the links on the Football Data page which will be visible only when logged into the Pro-Data service.

It is also important to understand that the data files themselves make use of abbreviated values, as such you will want to familiarise yourself with the Key Descriptions page as soon as possible for a full set of translations for these values.

*** NB - All leagues are updated at approx 2AM nightly, this means all results upto and including the previous day will be available ***


The Tutorials section is where you can find tips and tricks as well as fully blown tutorials on how best to work with the data and statistics found on this website. A great place to start is with the tutorial on Getting Started with CSV Results Files, this provides a good overview of the files and data that are available with the Pro-Data service.

This section is constantly being developed with plans to have tutorials for all ability levels across multiple technologies.

Membership Dashboard

The membership dashboard can be used to manage you current membership, this includes seeing the time remaining on your current membership and extending it should you so wish (as the service doesn't have automatic renewals) - click here to visit the membership dashboard.

Help & Support

The support page is where you can contact the site owner (James) for help and advice relating to using football data or (if necessary) to report any problems you might come across.

If you do come across a problem with the site please check the service notifications page before reporting it as I might already be aware and working on a fix.

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