Sample Data

The Pro-Data service provides detailed football results, stats, odds and in-game events data in computer readable CSV formats. This CSV format is ideal for those wanting to analyse data using a spreadsheet application alongside anyone using professional data analysis or database software and requiring a detailed feed of raw data.

Each sample file, whilst only containing a small number of games, is here to help highlight the type of data on offer, some leagues and seasons might have slightly more or less data available but this represents a very good base of what is on offer. You can see these sample files further down on this page or see information on the full range of leagues I cover by clicking here.

Key Descriptions

The Key Descriptions file contains a full translation of the column heading keys in use, this is applicable to all data fields and is used consistently throughout all data files available through the Pro-Data service.

Key Descriptions

CSV Sample Files

There are two types of CSV file provided, one contains results and compiled game stats (e.g. number of corners, red cards etc.). The second file (labelled “Events”) contains in-game events for an entire season and league at a time.

NB – These are only partial files containing a small number of fixtures, this is to help highlight what is on offer to full Pro-Data members!

pro-data-england-premier-league-19-20.csv SAMPLE
pro-data-england-premier-league-19-20-events.csv SAMPLE
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