Why Choose the Pro-Data Service?

The Pro-Data service has been built to cater to those looking for detailed and in-depth football data which can be downloaded and used for further analysis. Such data is especially suited to sports traders, professional gamblers, advanced matched bettors and anyone else looking to develop an edge over the football betting markets.

This range of data provides not only results for many of the most popular leagues but also advanced statistics, bookmakers odds and in-game, minute by minute events data. In addition to this all data is provided in computer friendly CSV data formats, this means it is ready for both analysis in a spreadsheet application or importing into a database system straight after download.

Below are some key features of the Pro-Data service:

01 - Highly Detailed Data Coverage

Not only can you obtain full league by league results across the last 10 years but also detailed, minute-by-minute, in-play events data from the major European leagues.

Whilst having detailed results is useful, having access to minute by minute in-game events allows much more powerful stats to be extracted, for example:

  • How many favourite teams won from behind
  • How many away teams scored first
  • How likely are home teams to score after a yellow card
  • Do home teams tend to score first
  • And pretty much any other time-based question you can think of!

In addition to results data I also provide detailed statistics and bookmaker odds for many of the leagues covered. The database is updated every night and currently covers most of the big leagues in Europe (and is growing all the time).

For more information on the current league and data coverage please click here.

02 - Built for Professionals

Whilst there are many “football stats” sites on the web, most of these concentrate on providing basic and pre-compiled stats, often of little value to the more serious analyst. My approach is different in that I provide all necessary results, stats and in-game events via downloadable data files, thus giving serious users the ability to use the data for their own analysis or integrate into their own systems.

In addition to the above, all data is provided in well designed, computer friendly CSV file formats (Check out the Sample Data page for an exmaple of this format).

03 - Training & Tutorials

In addition to the vast array of data available to Pro-Data members, I also provide in-depth training materials and tutorials on how to make the most of the data on offer. Such materials cover how to derive specific statistics from data sets and how to effectively make use of the minute-by-minute events data provided.

These training materials are suitable for all users with content available on performing basic analysis for beginners up to high level data handling, analysis, SQL and database bullding.

04 - Unbeatable Value

Currently the full Pro-Data members service can be purchased for only £29 per year or £19 for 6 months! With comparable football statistics sites charging considerably more (and often offering less) I believe I am one of the best value data providers on the market!

By building all of the software which powers this service in-house, not only can I ensure a great service is provided but also that the costs can be kept as low as possible. This is how I can provide such a comprehensive service for very modest fees!

05 - Access to Expert Support & Advice

The Pro-Data service is run by an experienced IT professional with many years working in database administration, this means support and advice relating to working with football data is available to members which would be very difficult (and expensive) to obtain else ware.

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