Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats – 3rd Edition is Now Ready!

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    After several recent months of hard work, I have finally completed the 3rd edition of my specialist football data eBook – Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats (3rd Edition)!

    syfbs 3rd edition launched 9th Jan 2023

    Amazingly, Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats (SYFBS) is now just over 3 years old and during this time has become known both as a useful learning resource in its own right as well as a valued reference for many aspiring football statisticians from all over the world! This 3rd edition extends this work and now brings focus to even more database related tools and techniques which are required to deliver even more advanced football stats than ever before!

    Having said all of this, I want to use this blog post to formally announce the launch of this third edition which is coming on the 9th January 2023. I also want to take the time to explain how to get hold of the new version (which is free for existing readers) and crucially, detail some of the new content which has been added to it, let’s go!

    What's New in the 3rd Edition?

    The original SYFBS eBook and the subsequent 2nd edition (released in 2020) both focused heavily on working with raw football data and then processing this data, building a professional standard database to store and query the data and then finally, showing various methods and examples for developing the finalised statistics.

    The first important thing to note about the 3rd edition is that it is an addendum to this original text (which remains in-tact) and is more focused on introducing new concepts to the world of working with football data. As well as this, various other related information, data-sheets and working code examples are provided amongst a few other things including a new version of the PowerShell import script tailored to this new data.

    The main focus of the new material is on working with event-based football data including in-game events such as goals. This edition not only works hard to provide an introduction to these various new concepts, but also to provide details on techniques for visualising, modelling and processing this new type of data in due course.

    syfbs 3rd edition sql example

    Event-based data might initially sound quite vague, however, it is working with these many events which go on to make up the “story” which is a football match. Goals (and the time they were scored), red and yellow cards, substitutions, free-kicks and so on can all happen during a typical game and the times at which they happen can be important when it comes to working out advanced football statistics.

    For example, if we know when every single goal was scored in any given range of fixtures, we can then generate stats based upon this knowledge. These types of stats can include metrics such as which teams score more late goals, which teams win from behind more often and which leagues see the most early or late goals amongst many other event-based statistics.

    In-fact, the understanding of event-based statistics opens up a whole new world of football stats which can be generated with the help of the right data and the right approach to database building, both of which are covered in detail covered in this 3rd edition!

    some examples of these new stats now available include:

    • Teams scoring more or less late goals
    • Leagues yielding the most early goals
    • Teams winning form behind more often than others
    • Do strong favourites score more early or late goals
    • Do outsiders score more in the 2nd half
    • Do teams score less after a red card vs a yellow card
    • and many, many more time-based statistics!

    The above list is just a small set of example queries which can be answered when you get to understand event-based statistics thanks to the help of this 3rd edition of SYFBS. Given that this is an educational book, I have also put a lot of emphasis on how we can build such queries (as well as pointing out some of the many pitfalls you might face when doing so). This means the transfer of knowledge should, in-turn allow readers to start developing similar queries by themselves after reading this text.

    Working with Events Data in the Third Edition

    So far I have given some insight to the third edition being based around the use and processing of events based results data (e.g. time-based data concerning goals, fouls, cards etc.), but what is actually involved in working with this data and, more importantly, how does this new edition of the book help readers cover these topics.

    Below are some brief overviews of the new chapter making up this third edition and what they focus upon:

    Chapter 13:

    Chapter 13 marks the start of the 3rd edition and explains at a fairly high level the new event-based data concepts and how they are relatable to the football data with which the book makes use of (which is provided by my own Pro-Data football data service). The chapter then moves on to provide an overview of how we can then make use of this data in the content of building an event-driven database within SQL Server before detailing how the remaining chapters within the 3rd edition will cover these new concepts.

    NB – Several leagues and seasons worth of Pro-Data files are provided in the 3rd edition’s code samples pack for free!

    Chapter 14:

    Chapter 14 focuses on discussing the theory involved when working with advanced data to a much deeper level. This starts off by looking at the new, more advanced data files themselves before moving on to look at more advanced database concepts including entities, attributes, keys, foreign keys, entity relationships and how these new concepts can form the basis of a database model for better understanding the event-based data.

    Chapter 15:

    Chapter 15 is where the new event-based data concepts discussed in chapter 14 are turned into a functional and working database. This involves creating the new database and tables themselves before looking at some important details required for importing the new more advanced data-files.

    Chapter 16:

    Chapter 16 is where I walk readers through the creation of a new PowerShell script tailored specifically to working with the more advanced data in-use within the 3rd edition. This work compliments the highly versatile import script created in the first edition of the book and shows how more advanced data handling concepts can be integrated into a script which can input and process data automatically!

    Chapter 17:

    Chapter 17 is where the new more advanced data concepts are turned into actual useful SQL code for the first time. Whilst it is the case that this chapter focuses more on the SQL code, it does so in such a way so as to show how the theory form the earlier parts of the 3rd edition can become actual working code and deliver useful football statistics.

    Chapter 18:

    Chapter 18 is a large chapter which builds upon everything discussed so far in the 3rd edition, this includes plenty of actual examples of how numerous real-world football stats can be created using the newly built database. Whist this chapter does provide detailed instructions and explanations for each example, the work is more focused on the SQL code and the building of the queries to be used than earlier parts of the 3rd edition which focused more on the theory.

    The Link with the Pro-Data Service

    As was previously mentioned, the 3rd edition of the SYFBS eBook makes use of advanced data downloads form the Pro-Data football data service. This is a specialist service which provides high quality football results data, plus in-game events data, in consistent and easy to process data-sheets which are updated every day.

    The very important link to this service has been established so as I can guarantee the quality of the data been worked on throughout the 3rd edition and to help ensure that readers do not have their time wasted trying to source other, potentially inferior sources of data throughout the new chapters.

    Whilst Pro-Data is a premium subscription service, several leagues and seasons worth of data are included as a part of the code samples download pack which comes included with the eBook. The free football data on the main website, which is used in the earlier chapters, will remain free for the foreseeable future!

    New Pro-Data Pricing

    The other big news, with the new version of the eBook aside, is that I am both simplifying and reducing the pricing for the Pro-Data service (as well as adding some new features) to coincide with the new book launch!

    The main changes to note in Pro-Data are as follows:

    • A new 6 month subscription is now available for just £19!
    • The existing 1-year plan has now been reduced to just £29!
    • New “Upcoming Fixtures” data files are now available (updated daily)
    • New single download available for all latest seasons (updated daily)
    • The 2-year plan has now been discontinued

    I also wanted to state that existing (and active) Pro-Data members on the old plan will receive 1 additional year on their account, for free, shortly after this updated pricing comes into force (to account for the lower pricing now in use).

    If you are not yet sure if the Pro-Data service is right for you, I also want to make sure everyone knows I offer a 7 day money back guarantee to all new members, thus making the service risk free! I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with their purchase of a Pro-Data membership, so, if for any reason you don’t like what you see, simply get in touch with me within 7 days and I will initiate a refund straight away for you!

    * All Pro-Data plans, as before, are available with instant sign-up via PayPal and are non-recurring memberships!


    In conclusion, the 3rd edition of Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats will launch on the 9th January 2023 and can be purchased directly from the website (click here to visit the book’s official webpage). It is an addendum to the previous versions meaning all of the new work is available as is the content from the first and second editions as well.

    As always, this new edition will be available free of charge to anyone who has already purchased the first or second editions (simply contact me on for a copy*). The updated code samples pack which contains all of the sample code used in the book (plus some full Pro-Data data files) is included with the download as a part of the purchase.

    * If requesting an upgrade, please get in touch with me via the contact page!

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