Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats eBook (3rd Edition)

** Now on Version 3 - Released January 2023 **

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Football Data!

Are you looking to become more proficient when it comes to working with raw football data and building football statistics? If so, then I have developed this specialist eBook to help readers in creating a professional quality football stats database for themselves.

This eBook specialises in helping readers learn about the database-related tools and techniques required to build such a database combined with step-by-step tutorials on how to build specialist queries allowing advanced football stats to be developed. The 3rd edition (released January 2023) takes these concepts even further than in previous versions and now includes a detailed text on understanding and working with in-game events-based data!

Key eBook Features:

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About the 3rd Edition

This book was originally released in the August of 2019 with the aim of helping readers build upon their football stats knowledge and open up a new world of statistical based thinking in the process. This was achieved in two parts, initially through the building of a professional football stats database alongside the learning of the programming skills required to update it automatically. The second part was through the learning of SQL, a powerful language used to query database systems quickly and efficiently and deliver results from the data contained within.

The 2nd edition was released in April of 2020 and included two new chapters delving into areas such as automatically scraping the web for up to date football results and making use of automation techniques for various tasks including importing of data and reporting of various data points on a schedule.

This 3rd edition, released in January of 2023, takes the knowledge delivered by the initial 2 versions of the book further by incorporating in-game events data into the database and showing how this new data can form the basis for many new stats being developed. These new stats can include those which are based upon goal times such as teams more likely to score late goals, average goal times and whether home teams are more likely to score first amongst many other similar stats!

It would be fair to say these are all, in their own right, large and complex areas of work, but with this text I take readers through plenty of working examples whilst providing plenty of detailed descriptions and screenshots of the concepts being covered along the way through all three editions.

Topics Covered in the eBook

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Building a Professional Stats Database using SQL Server

Learn how to unleash the power of professional database tools (including Microsoft SQL Server) to help process, store, manage and retrieve useful statistical data.

Developing Powerful Automation Solutions with PowerShell

Save time, hassle and the need to perform repetative tasks by automating the importing and management of raw football data with help from Microsoft PowerShell.

PowerShell Being used to automate football data
Image of football data from SQL

Advanced SQL for Data Retrieval

Harness the power of SQL to retrieve complex sets of data and develop your statistical thinking further than ever before (including access to many sample SQL scripts within the eBook).

Learn Visualisation of Data & Stats

Whilst tables of data are undeniably useful, learning how to build graphs and other visulations of data will help in spotting trends and anomolies which can in-turn lead to profitable systems!

Visualising Football Stats

Web Scraping of Results Data

(New to the 2nd edition) Learn how to build automated tools used for scraping football results data directly from the web. Also extend this automation to automatically updating the database built in the 1st edition.

Automated Reporting and Alerts

(New to the 2nd edition) Learn how to extend the automation tools built for web scraping and advance on to producing automated reporting and alerts. Also look at more advanced programmability in SQL Server.

automated stats reporting and alerting
syfbs ebook events model visulation

Working with In-Game Events Data

(New to the 3rd edition) Learn how to visualise and process in-game events data, this includes being able to work out advanced statistics including late goals, first goals and average goal times amongst other time orientated statistics!

Developing Advanced SQL Queries

(New to the 3rd edition) The introduction of more advanced in-game events data brings with it the need to develop more intricate and advanced SQL queries, this third edition provides numerous real working examples of how to work with such data.

syfbs advanced events-based sql
syfbs advanced pro-data data

Advanced Datasheets Included

(New to the 3rd edition) Additionally included with the 3rd edition are several datasheets from the BetonJames Pro-Data service. The Pro-Data service provides advanced football data results (including in-game events data) for over 20 mainstream European leagues and this data is made use of throughout the 3rd edition.

Downoad the Sample Code Used

All of the code used in this book is available for download making the process of following along with the book much simpler. This download pack is only available to customers of the book and includes:

To request a copy of the download pack (or for any other support issues) please contact me via Twitter (details on the adjacent form) and I will forward it over to you (if you buy from direct then this pack is included in the download).

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