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Supercharge Your Football Betting Stats eBook

Are you looking to become more proficient working with football stats and football data? If so I have developed this eBook to help in creating a professional football stats database and start learning to ask more advanced questions of the data within.

Build a professional football stats database
Develop Advanced Football Statistics
All Sample Code Included
Instant Download
Start Winning Big!

Topics Covered

SQL Server Image

Building a Professional Stats Database Using SQL Server

Unleash the power of professional database tools to help store, manage and retrieve useful statistical data.

Developing Powerful Automaton Solutions with PowerShell

Save time and the need to perform repetative tasks by automating the importing and management of raw data.

PowerShell Being used to automate football data
Image of football data from SQL

Advanced SQL for Data Retreval

Harness the power of SQL to retrieve complex sets of data and develop your statistical thinking further than ever before.

Learn Visualisation of Data & Stats

Whilst tables of data are undeniably useful learning to buld graphs and other visulations of this data will help in spotting trends and anomolies which can in-turn lead to profitable systems!

Visualising Football Stats

Support and Downloads

Download the code used within the book

All of the code used in this book is available for download making the process of following along with the book much simpler. This download pack is only available to customers of the book and includes:

All SQL teaching examples
All sample question solution code
Full PowerShell import script

To request a copy of the download pack please contact me using the form below and I will forward it over to you (if you buy from direct this pack is included in the download).

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