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The First Real Test For Digital Gold

The First Real Test for Digital Gold

Anyone following the worlds financial markets will know things have not been going too well just lately! To put it mildly, the threat of the Corona virus has sent major indices across the globe into a bit of a tailspin!
0% Commision Trading – Is It Really A Good Thing?

0% Commision Trading – is it Really a Good Thing?

I have noticed recently some of the biggest spread betting companies are now also offering share dealing accounts! Furthermore and fairly recently a couple are now also offering 0% commission on any share dealing! This is something I feel will only continue…

Predicting Football Matches Using Recent Form

Predicting Football Matches using Recent Form

You don’t have to look too far on the web to find football stats, some good, many pointless and usually topping the list is that of previous form (usually a team's last 5 games). In my experience you would probably be better…

Some Thoughts On Automation

Some Thoughts on Automation

Since 2006 I have been regularly trading in various formats, starting with sports trading, then on to financial markets and finally back to sports. This might not be a normal path but I have come to find there are many more opportunities…

Is Betting On Premier League Favorites Profitable?

Is Betting on Premier League Favorites Profitable?

Like a lot of matched bettors I have lately been focused on the numerous football offers doing the rounds this season. These are usually very profitable and are relatively easy to get a good qualifying bet on. Something I have noticed with…

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