Where has the Matched Betting Stuff Gone?

Good question!

When I started my blog back in 2017 matched betting was just starting to get really popular, not only this but it was incredibly easy money at the time and I was doing really well from it.

Despite starting to become popular there wasn’t (in my opinion at least) very much good matched betting content available on the web. In fact, if you didn’t subscribe to one of the main matched betting services (like OddsMonkey) back then you would have been limited to only a handful of decent sites and even then would have struggled finding decent info on certain things.

where has the matched betting stuff gone horses

With this in mind I decided I would start my own betting blog, I had been trading and betting in various ways since 2006 and it had been something I had wanted to do for a while, the metaphoric rise of matched betting finally gave me the push I needed to take that first step and betonjames.com was finally born!

By my estimation 2018 was the peak of the matched betting craze, the 2018 World Cup no doubt helping get even more people on board than would have been otherwise. It would also be fair to say that this was the tipping point for a lot of the bookies as well, the point at which it started to become really obvious that betting offers, bonuses and free bets were starting to be cut (and they were cut hard in many cases)!

As such, since the end of 2018 matched betting has gradually become less and less profitable, add into this the fact that you will loose accounts along the way (getting gubbed) and for many the practise of matched betting is effectively over. Sure, if you are brand new to matched betting then there is still some value in getting involved, but the money is nowhere near as easy as it was back in 2016 / 2017.

With this in mind, and there been many other good matched betting sites which have sprung up since then I have taken the decision to remove my matched betting content from the site. Sure, I could have just left it up but with this comes the issue of keeping it updated as the last thing I would want to do is serve anyone outdated content.

Whilst I still do matched betting myself it is only a tiny sum these days, especially as I sit in the middle of the Coronavirus quarantine writing this and there is virtually no sport at all to make money from. As such my Matched Betting income is now dwarfed by the money made trading on my other main interests which are Betfair trading (mainly football) and trading financials such as stocks and shares.

As such, with all of the above in mind, I will mainly be writing about Betfair and financial trading on the Bet on James blog from now onwards (plus some other crazy stuff I’m sure, just not matched betting).


If you are reading this and are new to matched betting don’t panic too much, there is still money to be made out there and if you have all of your sports betting accounts intact (I.e. not gubbed) then you can sill do quite well form it, in the beginning at least!

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