World Cup 2018 – Lots of Goals Required!

As you will no doubt be aware it’s that time of year again where high street retailers try and bully us into buying even bigger and better TVs than they did four years ago, oh and the World Cup is about to start as well!


After a quiet few weeks in the matched betting sphere it is positive to see most bookies stepping up to the plate and offering at least something for the world cup. Don’t get me wrong the amounts on offer aren’t great but by diligently going through each offer I have already built up about £120 in free bets plus a handful of bet x get y per goal scored offers as well! In total I’m hoping for at least a few hundred in free bets overall for the duration of the tournament!

The problem with matched betting and an event such as the world cup is the offers are all based around goals been scored, for example here are some of the popular pre-tournament offers floating around:

  • Bet £20 on the top goal scorer and get £5 free bet per goal scored
  • Bet £20 on the top goal scorer and get £5 free bet per match they score in
  • Bet £20 on a team to win and get £5 per game they win
  • And so on…

So, in other words to get any real return as matched bettors we need lots of goals to be scored and teams to get through in 90mins in order to maximise our free bet haul (I notice in T&C’s many are excluding wins which come from penalties!).

Trading such games would almost certainly open up many more opportunities since good profit can be made by identifying low scoring games (as well as high scoring games) and trading the natural decay found in the draw and U2.5 goals markets and so on – something many matched bettors will be completely oblivious to!

I probably won’t be doing much trading during the World Cup myself since most of my strategies are based around statistical trading and statistics from the world cup four years ago probably don’t mean much today. I am however in the middle of further developing a bespoke trading BOT so the majority of the games will be used to test and develop the in-play algorithm used for identifying triggers and the module used for placing and checking bets.

Some hard work ahead of me to say the least but I enjoy building things such as this and the World Cup is a great time to get motivated and make some real progress towards getting a jump start on next season!

Overall I hope everyone has a good World Cup 2018 and makes loads of money in the process, Enjoy!

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